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The most wonderful thing in life is not the moment when you realize your dream, but the process of persisting in your dream.

“I wish for world peace”

This was my birthday wish many times when I was a kid. However, as the candle was blown out, this wish was also forgotten.

Until 2017, after understanding the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

I found that this is no longer just a dream, but a goal, a goal that we are eager to achieve before 2030.

When I discovered that there are many participants across the globe, regardless of individuals or companies, I told myself that it was time to take one more step for this world.

Although the process of chasing dreams is difficult, there will definitely be an answer

Since 2018, we have gathered elites from all walks of life and used their professional knowledge and wisdom to jointly establish the Global Outlook Charitable Foundation. We have been studying how to make every donation benefit the general public. As well as how the entire foundation is responsible for its own profits and losses, we have a deeper understanding of how to plan and promote the completion of the 2030 goals.

Thanks to a group of professionals who worked tirelessly day and night to provide advice and suggestions for Next Step Global Charity Foundation, which led to today’s results.

In the past two years and nine months, I have won, lost, laughed, cried, been questioned, been criticized, and been smeared. I have never defended myself, and there is no need to defend myself.

Looking back, when the Next Step Global Charity Foundation was first established, many people had a lot of doubts and criticisms about us because of our creativity and innovation.

Whenever we organize some activities, whether in Hong Kong or other Southeast Asian regions, some people always doubt, doubt our starting point, and doubt whether we will really bring benefits to the poor people in Hong Kong and around the world. Two years and nine months have passed, and we have officially become a registered charitable organization. Our “The Source” training courses have provided services to more than 250 people. We have provided anti-epidemic and daily necessities to 600 elderly households in Kai Ching Estate, and provided training to 30+ Hong Kong youths and ethnic minorities. During this period, we provided about 500,000 HKD in materials to 9 orphanages in central Vietnam for a total of 1,200 orphans. There were more than 50+ volunteers from different industries.

Here, I must thank all the volunteers for their support and trust in us, as well as the UNESCO Hong Kong Association and TY Caring Foundation for their assistance.

Even if I encounter more setbacks
Misunderstood by more people
I have to do it
Because I am not doing this for the others
But for myself
For those who believe in me and love me
I will protect my people with all my life
Be grateful for everything and everyone in life

Polo Ling
Founder & Chairperson of Next Step Global Charity Foundation
Written in May 2020 @ Hong Kong