About NSG

Next Step Global Charity Foundation Limited (NSG) was established in Hong Kong in 2017 and became a registered charitable organization recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government of the People’s Republic of China in December 2019 (No. 91/16336).

The organization is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit charitable organization.


In order to achieve the vision of relieving poverty and promoting education, the organization is committed to alleviating poverty, suffering, pain and disease among people around the world. The main target of assistance is orphans. The organization will raise funds and materials to provide financial assistance to the poor and orphans, supplement relief, and improve the quality of life, accommodation facilities, education, health, etc. In order to promote the vision of the organization, it is effectively popularized through various media, legal channels and methods; including: publishing, film, education, school running, courses, conferences, art, medical care, performing arts, study tours, exhibitions, sports and other non-profit-making activities. Spread selfless love to care for and help the poor and orphans.

What does the name of the organization mean?

Next Step, means there is always a way out, there is a prospect, and never despair. As long as you move towards your vision, you can always achieve it step by step.

Global. We are not just looking at Hong Kong, Mainland China or Asia. All people in the world are closely connected and pursue well-being together. What we pursue is world unity. Therefore, we do not use the usual usage of “international” because we do not look at the world from the perspective of countries, but look at everyone from the perspective of the universe/earth.

(Yes, our capabilities are limited, and we really cannot cover other planets and satellites, such as the moon and Mars, for the time being. We will consider “Interplanetary” thing again after Elon Musk’s Mars One really sends the first batch of people to immigrate to Mars and starts to have a community.)

What makes this organization different from other charities?

Focus on the five major areas of ABCDE

We focus on 5 areas of expertise:

A – Agriculture,
B – Business Model Innovation,
C – Cryptocurrencies,
D – Design Thinking, and
E – Education.

Provide audiences with up-to-date resources, ideas and assistance to enable disadvantaged groups to become competitive.

Support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs)

We also fully support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations in 2015 to be achieved by 2030 (https://www.globalgoals.org/), and concretely implement world peace, a common vision for mankind.

Separate management of administrative fees and charitable funds

One of the reasons why our organization is a foundation is to facilitate donors to designate projects and audiences to support. All donations will be fully (100%) used for charitable purposes. Our organization will never charge any administrative fees for this donation. The organization still has daily expenses, so we are happy to accept any donations for administrative expenses. In order to make it easier for everyone to understand how to divide administrative expenses and charitable purposes, the following is an example:

For example, a group of ten people raised a total of HK$100,000 to support the operation of an orphanage in Vietnam and the daily living and food expenses of orphans. They will also visit in person. The cost details are as follows (the following are just examples):

Items HK$ VND ₫ Categories
NSG representative flight ticket
Administrative Fee
Volunteer flight tickets x9
At own expense
Local transportation for NSG representative
Administrative Fee
Local transportation for volunteers x9
At own expense
Local accommodation for NSG representative
Administrative Fee
Local accommodation for volunteers x9
At own expense
Donations exchanged for VND
Charity Fund
Charity funds used to purchase supplies for orphans
Charity Fund
Charity Fund given to the Nuns at Vietnamese orphanages
Charity Fund
Local diet for NSG representative
Administrative Fee
Local diet for volunteers x9
At own expense
Other local expenses by NSG representative
At own expense
Other local expenses by volunteers x9
At own expense

Therefore, only the money used for the operation of the organization will be counted as administrative expenses, and the money used for the audience will be counted as charitable funds (except for foreign currency exchange). All other needs must be paid by oneself.