永續支持越南孤兒院計劃:魚菜共生 Sustainable Support for Orphanages in Vietnam: Aquaponics

向香港有經驗的商家學習如何建立魚菜共生系統的智慧,以此基礎建立可於越南孤兒院使用的魚菜共生系統,為孤兒院提供永續及循環的食物供應鏈,以最低成本及時間,創造最高的收成,以解決長貧難顧的問題。 Learn how to build aquaponic system from experienced merchants in Hong Kong. On this basis, establish a aquaponic system that can be used in orphanages in Vietnam to provide a sustainable and circular food supply chain for orphanages with the lowest cost and time, and to create the highest return on investment to solve the problem of long-term poverty.